woodcuts and ceramics with an ecological twist

I enjoy the company of animals in life and in artwork. Invasive, endangered, and mythic animals uncurl from my imagination in the form of woodcut prints. Most of my prints are “color-reduction woodcuts” which means I take one block of wood, draw an image onto the block, carve then print. Each printed color comes from carving away the previous layer so when I am finished, all that is left of my wood block is the last color that was printed. I can never remake an image unless I re-carve a new piece of wood. The prints are very limited edition, not a typical Kinko’s reproduction.

My ceramics and all handbuilt, handpainted and carved. It was natural for me to go from carving wood to carving clay. And, it's much softer.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and love being a woman-owned business. I feel lucky to be able to share my work and ideas with you.

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