"Insatiable Winged Lions, Kings of Coral" Large Original woodcut


This massive (34x48”) lionfish woodcut was made in Venice, Italy. The title is, “Insatiable Winged Lions---Kings of Coral” The Latin name for lionfish is Pterois volitans which means “winged fin” so it totally fits the Venetian reference (the symbol of Venezia is the Winged Lion.) I had no idea when I went to Venice to make a lionfish woodcut that it would actually make sense.

These fish are reeking havoc on reefs and small fish populations from the Caribbean to as far north as Massachusetts. A few amazing statistics about the fishes appetites, their stomachs can stretch 30x in size and one large lionfish was recorded eating 20 small fishes in a 30 minute period. Our best hope for population control now seems to be serving lionfish on dinner plates. The only thing with a more insatiable appetite is a human.

edition of 7
1 left of the edition
34" x 48"
title: Insatiable Winged Lions---Kings of Coral


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